Ringberg Accretion Workshop

Welcome to Transport Processes and Accretion in Young Stellar Objects

In the magnetospheric accretion paradigm, originally developed 30 years ago for accretion onto white dwarfs, the stellar magnetosphere truncates the disk at the location where the magnetic pressure balances the gravitational pressure. While this paradigm is generally accepted for classical T Tauri stars, critical aspects of the theory remain unknown. What happens where the stellar magnetosphere connects to the disk? What is the structure and morphology of the accretion flow? How does accretion power outflows? Does magnetospheric accretion break down for very young stars with high accretion rates or for high-mass stars? How does the gas accrete onto stars that have disks with large inner holes? How much of the disk is viscous and magneto-rotationally active? These questions are strive to solve the same basic problem: how is gas transported within the protoplanetary disk and from the disk onto the forming star?

The goal of our workshop is to establish what is known about how accretion works, identify the most important problems that remain, and discuss future observational and modelling efforts that should be developed to begin to solve these problems. The workshop will include dedicated time for discussion. Presentations and discussion formation will be designed to highlight both recent developments within the field and the uncertainties in underlying assumptions that should be addressed.

The registration is open and will close on 15 October. Capacity is strictly limited at 60 participants, of whom 40 can stay at the castle and another 20 can stay in the nearby town. For more information, please contact

We hope to see you in February!

Greg Herczeg and Roy van Boekel

Science Advisory Committee

Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar
Sebastian Fromang
Lee Hartmann
Thomas Henning
Sean Matt
James Muzerolle
Ansgar Reiners
Mario van den Ancker

Local Organizing Committee

Min Fang
Gaitee Hussain
Paula Teixeira

Invited Speakers

Peter Abraham
Sylvie Cabrit
Nuria Calvet
Kees Dullemond
Lee Hartmann
Chris Johns-Krull
Geoffroy Lesur
Antonella Natta

last modified: 27 Jul 2020